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Why Should You Support Our Organization:



Veterans Outreach was founded with Loyalty, Honor, Respect and Integrity. Individuals who are compassionate, driven and dedicated to serving Veterans, lead veterans Outreach.


We are Veterans helping Veterans.

70 percent of all proceeds raised go back to our cause.



Veterans Outreach is a Texas based organization which exists to create employment and housing for veterans.

We provide Veterans with a work program to act as mentors and emotional support. Veterans Community Outreach provides comprehensive programs.

  Some of our programs include:

1.    Veterans Housing

2.    Gift Card assistance

3.    Job Program

4.    Grant Program


We assist our selfless service men and woman re-establish their lives, in their communities, giving them back a small piece of what they gave up to defend our country so that we may enjoy our freedoms and liberties.


Veterans are the reason Americans are able to live and raise their families in safe communities.






Text Box: My name is Ronald Smith, and my family is in need of help. I was referred Amiee with Veterans Outreach from the American Legion where she provided me with instant employment. Plus she helped us with rent. I was being served the eviction notice that day.  I am so thankful for the instant employment. Now I have a fresh start! 

Ronald Smith

Text Box: Thank you for giving me a Job and a chance

 We didnt know what we were going to 
do, Thank You! 

I am proud to be part of this organization and    thankful for the employment with it
Text Box: Thank you Veterans Outreach for the        rent assistance of 400$

Derek Ramer

Text Box: To Veterans Outreach:

Thank you for your HELP in turning the power back on for myself and two young girls. It amazes me the amount of time you put in each and every day in order to help make our lives so much better. 

With love and respect,
The Wormack Family 

Text Box: I am a veteran of the United States Navy. With the assistance of Veterans Outreach I was able to purchase food for my family of 6. 
Thank you! 

Kenneth Rose






Text Box: To Veterans Outreach,

My name is Don Haire I was stranded in Mineral Wells lost as my cash, my wallet was taken, my account drained. I live in Midland Texas and I am a disabled Veteran, unable to walk due to service-connected injuries, I found myself with quite a predicament! What I needed was a friend; I remembered one from the past who I hadnt seen in awhile telling me about Veterans Outreach. I called and they were there, God Bless! I had no cash a surgery coming up, just one thing after another, Thank you Veterans Outreach for being there for me! I cannot express how grateful I am to you and your organization.

Don Haire



Our Chapters

Dallas Chapter (Northeast Texas)

227 N.E. Loop 820 Suite 102B

Hurst TX, 76053


Regional Director: Amiee Hofer

Phone:  817-284-0019

Fax:       817-595-7919



Austin Chapter (Central Texas)

314 E Highland Mall Blvd. Suite 110

Austin TX, 78572


Chapter Manager: John Conley

Phone:  512-228-1362

Fax:       512-419-1750



Houston Chapter (Southeast Texas)

16903 Red Oak Dr. Suite 283

Houston TX, 77090


Chapter Manager: David Butler

Phone:  832-286-1989

Fax:       832-446-3275











Our 2014-2015 Goals



v Build more programs that deal with the complexities our veterans face.



Skilled Trade Training

Job Placement

Resume and Interview Training

Coping Skills for transitioning back into civilian life



v Expand our programs and assistance across the State of Texas to provide more work and housing programs.


v Develop a gift card program with capabilities to assist countless veterans monthly.





As a country we need to come together and be the change that makes this statistic disappear!







How we have helped our veterans in our communities



With the support of our donors this year we:


  Attended and donated over 1000 hygiene care-kits to several Stand-Downs across Texas and one in Oklahoma.

  Paid utilities, provided food and rent assistance to numerous Veterans and their families across Texas

  Employed homeless and displaced Veterans in our work program, giving them the hand up they needed to impact their lives.

  Assisted local American Legions with generous donations for repairs, updating, and utilities.

  Visited and donated to our local and regional VFWs


Before years end we will be:


o   Participating in this years Dallas Veterans Day Parade

o   Donating 10-20 Bicycles to the Liberty House- Veterans Shelter in Fort Worth to enable the Veterans a means of transportation to and from work.

o   Making a donation to HUD-VAS for veterans housing assistance.

o   Collecting non perishable goods, blankets and winter coats to donate to local Veterans shelters and programs

o   Participating and donating Turkey Diners to local area Veterans organizations


There is much more work to be done!  We know that with sponsors like you we can continue our mission and help our Veterans in need and continue to inspire people and be the change.